Hello. I'm just a typical father, husband, lover of Jesus. I like to do things that I started doing in my early 20s. Snowboard, skydiving, cliff diving. My new loves involves vacationing with the family and hanging out with the family. Oh, and I'm a photographer. 

I'm located in the City of Bellflower, a suburb of LA County, just north of the City of Long Beach. I specialize in portraits for individuals and families, engagement portraits and headshots for actors and business professionals alike. I'm very committed to providing you with the best individualized experience. 

Growing up, I'd like to say I was always a creative. I played 6 different instruments through to college. First starting with the trumpet, then drums, then saxophone (loved the saxophone), next was the tuba, then baritone and lastly the trombone. Classical and jazz were my favorites to play. As I grew up I met a master photographer and that's where my love story with photography began.

I've waited a long time before pursuing this passion. I finally committed and then invested in my own gear. I still receive guidance from my mentor and friend. I shoot indoor and outdoor. Even though I do lots of studio work, people really enjoy my outdoor sessions. Let's talk more and see if we click. Get it?

The Gear

Fore warning, that Mac is not my Mac. If you read that far then this will be a good topic to start with. Why do I have a picture of a Mac that's not my Mac? Ask me when you see me.

I own lots of gear but that truth is, the tool doesn't make the professional. I do own professional gear and twice over in case anything goes wrong. I'd love to show you on the day we schedule our shoot.